Has Water Started Flooding Your Basement? What To Know


If water has flooded into your basement you want to make two phone calls right away, to the flood cleaning company in your area and your homeowner's insurance company. Once you have notified these professionals about what is going on, they should start working on getting the water out of the basement.

To make sure that you are safe from any type of moisture problems, you want to consider all of the following services for the home.

Flood Cleaning Services

A company that does professional flood cleaning (like Walker's Carpet Care & Janitorial Services Inc) is going to remove all the water from the flooding, dry the entire basement, and then sterilize the space so you don't have to worry about mold and bacteria. The sooner you call this type of service provider to start working inside your home, the higher the chances for them to be able to remove a lot of the stains and odors, and the more items can be saved.

HVAC Cleaning

Since the furnace is in the basement, a lot of the mold and mildew sports, along with moisture, could have been sucked up into the ducts, or spread throughout the ventilation system. A HVAC professional can do a cleaning to remove all of these potential pollutants from the ventilation system, and to see if there are any problems with the ducts. This will improve your air quality, and prevent you from spreading bacteria throughout the house.

Concrete Sealing

Sealing the concrete foundation that supports the house, including the basement floor, walls, stairs, and anything else that's composed of concrete, will kill any lingering bacteria around the foundation.  This is also going to prevent future water damages, and stop moisture from groundwater from leaking in and damaging the interior concrete walls. This sealant is like a paint that gets rolled on the concrete.


If the flooding happened because your sump pump wasn't working properly, you'll want to make sure that you have it replaced so it doesn't happen again. A plumbing company can assist you with this if you aren't sure how to do it on your own, or if you don't know how to test the pump to see if it's working right. If you have flooded water filling up or on the floor of your basement, make sure that you call to get help right away, before the moisture has time to absorb into different materials and structural components throughout the house. 


17 March 2016

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