Renting A Home Out? Here Are 3 Yearly Services You Should Include


Renting your home out is a great way to make a nice profit while you hold onto your investment as it appreciates. As a landlord, you can take advantage of a variety of write-offs and credits when tax season rolls around. When it comes to keeping your home in optimal condition while being rented out, consider including these three yearly services in the rental price of the place:

Chimney Sweeping

With regular use of a fireplace in the home, creosote is sure to build up within the chimney and restrict air flow. This not only decreases the effectiveness of any fires that are started, but the creosote can actually catch on fire and spread to the roof and home itself. For this reason, it's important to have a chimney sweep clean all the soot and creosote out of your rental home's chimney at least once a year even if your tenants don't use it very often. This process may even save you some money on home insurance costs depending on the types of discounts your insurance company offers. Contact a chimney sweep like Ground to Crown Chimney and Fireplace Services, LLC to learn more. 

HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC system is likely to be used by your tenants throughout the year, which will put some wear and tear on your system and increase the chance of facing expensive repairs. Scheduling yearly maintenance appointments with your HVAC technician is the best way to minimize repair costs as well as to ensure optimal performance of the HVAC system. Regular HVAC maintenance can even save your tenants some money on their energy costs every month, which is something they are sure to appreciate.

Landscape Overhauling

As a landlord you should expect that your tenants will take good care of the yard to maintain curb appeal and design elements. But even with regular mowing, trimming, and watering by tenants, it's a good idea to hire a landscaper once a year to come in and take care of any loose ends that have been overlooked. Trees with limbs that are unstable, weeds that are killing nearby plants, and pests overrunning the gardens can all be taken care of by a professional to minimize the chance of yard accidents and to maintain optimal value for your property overall.

With the help of these yearly services your home is sure to hold up well while tenants are living in it, which should make it easy to ensure an optimal valuation for the property as time goes on.


17 March 2016

An Easter Celebration

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