How To Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New


If you want to keep your carpet looking like new for a long time, you'll have to clean it regularly. When dirt accumulates in the carpet, it cuts the fibers when you walk across the floor. This is what causes the high-traffic areas of carpeting to lose their shine and get matted down. The solution is frequent vacuuming and regular steam cleaning. Here are a few things to know.

Vacuuming The Carpet

If you don't have time to vacuum your entire carpet frequently, concentrate on the high-traffic areas. You'll probably want to vacuum the hallway, areas in front of the couch, and the carpet near the door at least a couple of times each week unless you cover the carpet with an area rug that traps dirt. You should vacuum the rest of your carpet once a week or so to keep dust off it. The best frequency for vacuuming depends on the type of wear your floors receive. If you have pets and several family members, you'll need to work harder at keeping dirt and debris out of the carpet fibers. Also, you'll want to thoroughly vacuum your carpet right before you clean it or have it cleaned by a professional. This gets the surface dirt out of the way so mud won't be forced deep into the fibers.

Using A DIY Machine

You'll get the best results by hiring a professional steam cleaner, but you may not want to hire a pro more often than once a year due to the expense. If that's the case, you can rent a steam cleaner and clean the carpet yourself every few months. One thing to keep in mind is that the DIY machines are not nearly as powerful as professional equipment. You'll need to focus on making sure you get as much water as possible out of your carpet after you've used the shampoo and rinse function. It may take several passes to extract as much water as possible.

A DIY carpet cleaning machine will leave the carpet fibers damp. It's best to rent the machine on a dry, warm day so you can open the windows and let your floor dry out before mold has a chance to grow. Also, since your carpet will probably be damp for several hours, you should avoid walking on it or placing furniture on the wet fibers.

Hiring A Professional Cleaner

Even if you steam clean your carpet yourself, you should consider hiring or consulting a professional (like those at Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning and other locations) every year or so to deep clean your carpet. Check your carpet manufacturer's recommendation for the frequency and type of professional cleaning needed to maintain your carpet properly. Professional equipment will clean your carpet deeper and leave it much drier afterward. Regular professional cleaning of your carpet will keep your carpet looking new for longer. Plus, it will keep your carpet smelling fresh since the heavy-duty equipment can extract bacteria and dirt that is buried deep in the fibers.

In addition to regular cleaning, you'll also want to clean up spills and dirt tracks as soon as they happen. Keeping your carpet clean and fresh can be a challenge when you have a big family or pets in your home. However, the expense and effort are worth it when you can stretch out on the floor and enjoy the odor-free, plush comfort of clean carpet. 


18 March 2016

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