Useful Tips That Will Help Keep Your Chimney Clean Between Scheduled Cleanings


A home with a fireplace keeps you and your family cozy and warm throughout the chilly winter months, but it's always important to ensure that your chimney is in proper condition. To this end, it's beneficial to hire a chimney cleaner (such as one from Flue Doctor Chimney Service) to tend to your chimney once per year. The logical time to schedule this appointment is shortly before you start using the chimney each fall or early winter. While annual cleanings will keep the chimney in safe working order, there are a handful of techniques that you can use to ensure that the chimney is as clean as possible throughout the winter. 

Ensure That Your Firewood Is Adequately Dried

Burning wet wood tends to generate more soot, which will lead to a soot buildup along the entire length of your chimney. The concern with excess soot buildup is that it could eventually lead to a fire. You can avoid this risk by ensuring that your firewood is properly dried. If you buy from a supplier, ask how long the wood is dried -- at least six months is the answer that you want to hear. If you cut your own wood, make sure it's stacked outside for at least six months.

Never Extinguish A Fire With Water

You might occasionally find yourself tempted to quickly put out a fire -- for example before you leave the house -- but you should never do so with water. Pouring water on a fire creates a burst of soot that will coat the inside of the chimney. Always reduce the fireplace's oxygen supply as a method of extinguishing a blaze.

Remove Excess Ash Between Uses

It's ideal to frequently remove the ash from your fireplace to prevent it from building up, smoldering and generating excess soot. You shouldn't typically need to remove the ash between every single use, but it's important to do when the ash buildup is highly noticeable. Wait until the fireplace has completely cooled and then use a metal trowel to remove the ash. Place the ash in a metal pail and set it outside for a few days until you're sure that it's cold.    

Don't Use Excess Paper

It can be easy to add too much paper when you're building a fire, given that it catches quickly and spreads the flames around easily. However, paper also puts off a considerable amount of smoke and soot. Instead of cluttering the fireplace with paper, learn the correct method of stacking the wood that you'll be lighting; doing so means you can often light a fire with just a couple sheets of newspaper.


18 March 2016

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