Create A Spring Cleaning Plan For Your Business With Your Professional Janitorial Service


If you have a professional janitorial cleaning service that takes care of your business, you need to  make sure that you create a spring cleaning plan with your janitorial service. You may have to pay a little more for your janitorial service to implement your cleaning plan; however, to keep your facilities looking great, you occasionally need to do a little deep cleaning around your business. 

#1 Create A Floor Cleaning Plan

The first thing you need to do is create a plan of your floors. Winter can be really tough on your floors. If you have vinyl or tile floors, you need to have your floors scrubbed down so that all the ground-in debris can be removed. Then, you need to have your floors buffed and polished. Your floors should look like new after this process is done.

If you have hardwood floors, you need to scrub your floors down. You will need to have your floors polished to return them to their original luster.

If you have carpets, you will want to have them cleaned. If you have a lot of carpet in your building, you may need to have the carpet cleaned in cycles over time during the weekend or evening hours to get all of your floors cleaned. 

#2 Protect Your Entry Ways

The second thing you need to do is protect your entryways now that your floors have been cleaned. If you don't already, purchase and have your janitorial service install large mats at each entrance into your business. This is the best way to capture and keep water, salt, sand and ice melt off of your floors now and in the future. 

#3 Give Your Bathroom A Second Look

It can be easy for your janitorial service to get into a routine with cleaning your bathroom. Routines can be great and effective for daily cleaning, but they can stand in the way of deep cleaning. 

Create a deep cleaning plan with your janitorial service to clean your bathrooms from top to bottom. Plan on having yours ceiling, walls, stalls and floors thoroughly deep cleaned. Then, create a new cleaning plan and switch up the bathroom cleaning routine. 

Spring cleaning is not just for your home; it is also for your business. Work with your janitorial cleaning company to develop a spring cleaning plan for your business that will give your business some new luster and shine. For more info, contact a company like Crystal Clear Cleaning.


22 March 2016

An Easter Celebration

Growing up, I was extremely close to my family. In fact, I lived with my parents and my sister until I married my husband eleven years ago. Unfortunately, I moved seventy-five long miles away from my family after my wedding. But I still visit my childhood home at least once each month. Our growing family also still celebrates all of the major holidays including Easter. Because my husband and I plan to start a family soon, we hope to begin hosting more family gatherings at our home. When this takes happens, I know I will need help cleaning my house. On this blog, I hope you will discover how hiring cleaning services can help you plan a stress-free Easter celebration.