How To Keep Carpet Odors At Bay


The look and feel of a carpet can give your home flooring a huge facelift, but regular upkeep is necessary to prevent the carpet from trapping dust and horrible odors. Lack of regular cleaning can also negatively impact the appearance and lifespan of your carpets. If your carpets are starting to smell awful, read on for tips on how to remedy this and keep them fresh and beautiful.

Deep clean and vacuum

Carpets trap dirt, dust and grime on a daily basis. If allowed to accumulate, the filth can sink deep into the fibers, causing terrible odors and even altering the coloring of the carpet.

The first step to a fresh-smelling carpet is deep cleaning with a carpet cleaner that you can hire from a home improvement store near you. The cleaning process will help remove debris that has accumulated deep inside the carpet fibers, giving it a bright look and loosening up foul smells. Always use water-based compounds, as they typically won't leave soap residue which can trap more dust and make your carpets grimy shortly after cleaning.

To prevent large amounts of dirt from accumulating in the carpets after cleaning, make it a habit to vacuum them regularly. This will help reduce soiling and prevent dust particles from becoming airborne and producing bad smells.

Regular vacuuming will also help dry up moisture left from the deep cleaning that would make your carpets musty, while ensuring that any food, juice, coffee or wine stains are removed early on before they can start emitting foul smells. Don't forget to replace clogged vacuum filters, as they can diminish the capacity of the appliance to suck up dirt within the carpet fibers.

Lose the shoes and deodorize

Dirty shoes are often the main culprits for trafficking mud, dirt and sludge to your indoor carpets, which can make them look and smell dirty. Removing your shoes before stepping indoors can help keep as much dirt as possible off your carpets, making cleaning much easier. Placing rugs on entryways where people can wipe their feet and leave their shoes can also help keep most of the dirt off your main carpets

Finally, try sprinkling a little carpet freshening powder on the carpet fibers before you vacuum to loosen up odors trapped in the fibers and keep your carpet smelling fresh.

A foul-smelling carpet can be a source of grave embarrassment in your home. Following the above tips can help keep your carpets fresh this spring, contributing to a healthy and clean home environment. Contact a business, such as Kleen As A Whistle, for more information. 


22 March 2016

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