How To Remove A Milk Stain From Your Carpet


There may be no reason to cry over spilled milk, but you also can't ignore it. A milk stain may seem minor at first since there is initially no visible staining on the carpet. With a little bit of time, though, a foul odor can develop along with as sickly yellow-brown stain on lighter colored carpets. This is because the proteins and enzymes in the milk continue to react and discolor. The following guide can help you prevent these stains.

Step #1: Begin With Blotting

For this and all cleaning steps, use a white towel or undyed paper towels – you don't want to transfer any color to your carpet. Fold the towel over a few times and set it on top of the spilled milk. Now press down with firm pressure, absorbing as much milk as you can. Repeat this a few times with fresh towels until most of the moisture as been soaked out of the carpet. Don't rub, though! Rubbing just spreads the milk around and creates a larger stain.

Step #2: Douse with Dish Soap

Liquid dish soap, made for hand washing the dishes, is the best choice for tackling a protein stain like milk because it is formulated to cut through food proteins. Mix a squirt or two of the soap with cold water. Skip the hot water, since this will simply "cook" the milk onto your carpet fibers. Now, dip a sponge in the soapy water and squeeze it out over the milk spot. Allow it to set for a few minutes so the soap can break down the milk. You can lightly rub it into the carpet to loosen the stain, working from the outside of the stained area inward so you don't spread it.

Step #3: Soak Up the Suds

Exchange your soapy water for clear cold water and rinse out your sponge. First, blot up as much soapy water from the stain with your sponge as possible, wringing it out into an empty bowl. Once this is done, pour some clear water on the spot to rinse it, and then repeat the blotting up process until it is nearly dry. Place a clean white folded towel over the spot when you are done, and then set something heavy on top to weigh it down overnight so the towel will soak up much of the remaining liquid.

Step #5: Obliterate Odors

If any odor remains, you can repeat the cleaning process. Another option is to soak up the odor if the odor is faint and there are no signs of remaining stains. Sprinkle baking soda liberally over the entire area. Allow it to set for at least 10 minutes so it can absorb the odors, and then sweep up the baking soda and vacuum the area. If odors or a stain persists, consider bringing in a professional carpet cleaner to address the problem.


22 March 2016

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