4 Ways To Keep Office Floors Clean And Safe During Cold Weather


During the winter time, a concrete or waxed tile office floor can be especially difficult to keep clean. The floor of an office can quickly become spoiled by the dirt, melted ice or snow and salt that may be tracked inside. In addition to making the floor look dirty and uninviting for potential customers, it can also pose a liability hazard for the office. Thus, it is important to keep the floors clean and free of slipping hazards even when it is snowing outside. Here are a few measures that office staff can take to help ensure that their floors stay safe and attractive during cold weather:

  1. Have hazard signs available. Once moisture is tracked onto a floor, wetness can be left in place for quite a while. After the tracked material is observed by office staff, it can be removed. However, the floor may still remain slippery after a thorough mopping until it is completely dry. It is best to post a hazard sign, such as a wet floor notification, for unsuspecting customers and workers.
  2. Use a welcome mat. A welcome mat can not only make your customers feel welcome, it can help soak up moisture and debris that could score or notch your office floor. The mat should be placed directly by the entrance door so that the bulk of the debris never makes it to your flooring. Salt and dirt, when mixed with water, can form a paste that can notch the wax on your floor. In addition, as the material is walked on repeatedly, it may become embedded into the floor requiring the flooring to be stripped and waxed more often.
  3. Sweep regularly. Sometimes, the debris entering the building is relatively dry. Still, it can cause the floor to take on a soiled appearance. If the material has a sandy texture, it may also cause slipping. Regular sweeping or vacuuming can help eliminate loose particles of dirt before they become a problem.
  4. Hire a professional cleaning crew. An office cleaning company is aware of the flooring issues that occur during cold weather. They can help ensure that dirt and debris is lifted safely and regularly from the floor before a costly repair or deep cleaning is needed. In addition, when deep cleanings are necessary, the professional cleaning company can strip and clean the floor effectively to restore its original sheen and beauty.

To learn more ways to keep your office floors in optimal condition during cold weather, contact and office cleaning companies in your area like Four Corners Cleaning.


23 March 2016

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