How To Get Scuff Marks Off Your Floors


If you are in the process of moving out of your apartment, and you want to get as much of your security deposit back as possible, you need to leave your apartment looking like new. That means that you need to remove all those scuff marks on the floor that you have neglected to remove. Here are a few tricks to remove those scuff marks from your floor and get one step closer to getting your deposit back. 

Small Scuff Marks

For really small scuff marks, sometimes you just need to use a little more rubber to remove the rubber on your floor. Take a large pencil eraser and rub it over the scuff mark until it is completely gone. When the scuff mark is gone, you should have some eraser shavings on the floor. 

Large Scuff Marks

For scuff marks that are a little larger, you can get rid of them by using what created them in the first place: the rubber sole on your tennis shoe. 

Take a tennis shoe with a rubber sole, and put your hand into the shoe. Then, rub the heel against the scuff mark on the floor. Move it around in a circular motion. The rubber should be able to loosen up the rubber created scuff mark on your floor. 

Really Scuffed Up Areas

If you have an area with a lot of scuff marks all around, you are going to need a tennis ball to remove the scuff marks. 

Take the ball and use a knife to cut an X in the top of the ball. Hold the ball with a vise grip while you do this to avoid injuring yourself. Once you have cut an X in the top of the tennis ball, take a broom handle and push it into the X. This will make it easier for you to use the tennis ball.

Run the tennis ball broom across the scuff marks, pressing down hard with the tennis ball. The tennis ball should scrap the scuff marks off your floor without damaging it. 

Baking Soda Trick

If you don't want to use one of the objects above to remove the scuff marks, you can also create a baking soda solution to get rid of them. Just take a few spoonfuls of baking soda and mix it with enough warm water to create a paste that is smooth but not runny. If it is too runny, just add some more baking soda until the paste is smooth again. 

Apply the paste to the scuff marks, and then scrub the paste into the scuff marks with a cloth. This will lift up the scuff marks. Once the mark has been lifted, wipe the area you cleaned with a damp cloth and then a dry one. 

One of the four tricks above should work on your flooring and allow you to remove the scuff marks from your apartment before you move out. The cleaner you make your apartment, the higher the chance that you can get your deposit back. 

If you don't have the time to fully clean your apartment yourself, consider hiring a unit turn cleaning company so that you can make sure that you get your entire deposit back.


7 April 2016

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