That Sucks: 4 Things You Should Check When Your Vacuum Stops Working


If your vacuum cleaner isn't picking up like it used to, it might just be a simple problem that you can take care of by yourself. It can be aggravating when you have to bend over and pick up a piece of lint on the floor because your vacuum refuses to do its job for you. Here are three steps you can take if your vacuum is refusing to work.

Empty the Dirt Collector

If you're not emptying your dirt collector bin until the dirt reaches the fill line, you may be waiting too long. As the dirt collector bin fills with dirt, the suction power through the hoses decreases, which makes it more difficult for your vacuum to collect dirt and debris. For best results, you should empty the collector bin before it reaches maximum capacity.

Replace the Bag

If your vacuum uses a bag for the collection of dirt, you should replace the bag as soon as you lose suction power in your vacuum. Loss of suction can be caused by a bag that's too full. It can also be caused by small tears in the bag. Tears in your vacuum bag can interfere with the suction power that's needed to draw dirt through the hoses and into the bag. For best results, you should inspect your bag before each use. This will allow you to identify problems with the bag before you start vacuuming.

Wash the Filters

Most vacuums have small, washable filters. These filters remove particulate matter from the air while the vacuum is running. For best results, the filters should be cleaned at least once a week. Each time you change the bag or empty the dirt collector bin on your vacuum, check the filter. If it's dirt, take it out and wash it with mild dish soap. Allow it to air dry and then place it back in the vacuum. If your filter is wearing out, you should replace it with a new one.

Check for Clogs in the Hoses

Clogged hoses can also cause your vacuum to lose suction power. This is a simple fix that usually only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Old newspaper
  • Plastic bag
  • Gloves


  1. Lay newspaper out on your floor.
  2. Put your gloves on.
  3. Place your vacuum on the newspaper.
  4. Carefully detach your hoses from the vacuum.
  5. Beginning at the top of one hose, slowly squeeze as you move down the hose.
  6. The squeezing will release clogs that are in the hose.
  7. If you feel a particularly hard clog, continue squeezing the hose until you feel it release.
  8. Shake the hose over the newspaper to thoroughly remove the entire clog.
  9. Repeat the process on each hose.
  10. Replace the hoses and test your vacuum.

If your vacuum isn't working properly, the information provided above will help you identify the problem. If your vacuum still won't work properly, you should take it to a vacuum cleaner repair shop. They'll get your vacuum up and running again. 


3 May 2016

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