Are Frequent Beach Trips Sanding Up Your Carpet? Try Out Several Preventive Measures


Carpet is warm and comfortable, but it is also a type of flooring that can attract a lot of dirt and grime. So, you have to put more effort into keeping it from getting dirty. Setting house rules is one step in the right direction, but you may still have problems when you go to the beach frequently. It is easy for sand to track into your home, get stuck in the carpet, and require continuous cleaning. If you spilled water on a sandy carpet, it would turn into a mud-like texture and potentially stain the flooring. Looking into preventive measures to keep sand from being an issue on your carpet is ideal.

Create a Changing Station

While it should not be too difficult to get rid of sand that you find on your feet and legs, it can get stuck on the clothing that you take with you to the beach and on other parts of your body. Creating a changing station somewhere in your home, such as in the garage or laundry room can avoid sandy carpeting. It is best to choose a location where you have access to a sink because this allows you to rinse clothes. Or, having direct access to the washer and dryer means you can start washing the clothes immediately.

Invest in Good Doormats

Walking from your car directly into your home is not doing much to get rid of sand. Investing in several doormats that are fairly coarse in texture will help you get off sand, even when it is still wet. The outdoor mat should handle most of the sand removal, but you should also put several throughout your home. Adding an indoor doormat in the garage, at the back door, and as you walk in the front entrance is worthwhile. These may not get rid of every single trace of sand, but they will keep it to a minimum.

Stick to Sandals

If you are going out to the beach, whether you are going in the water or not, you should wear sandals. Closed-toe shoes with a pair of socks make it too easy for sand to get stuck in the crevices. Kicking up sand while walking around the beach is almost inevitable, which will lead to sand getting inside your shoes. Taking off sandals or even wearing them when rinsing sand off at the cleaning stations is simple. But, you may want to avoid using these stations if you have to remove your shoes and socks beforehand.

Sand could become a major problem in your home, or it could just be a minor inconvenience. Either way, you should try to get carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months, unless you have major stains from sand. Putting these tips into action will keep your beach trips from stressing you out when you get home.


14 July 2016

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