3 Ways Commercial Office Cleaning Can Make Your Facility Safer For Everyone


Commercial office cleaning is a necessity that is easy to overlook, until a problem occurs. One example is that many of the cleaning products used today have the potential to make people sick or to exacerbate symptoms of people who already have an issue. For instance, asthmatics are likely to appreciate scent-free products and everyone will benefit from cleaning products without VOCs. In addition, removing as much dust as possible and vacuuming responsibly will help workers and clients alike to be more comfortable. The following information will help you to choose appropriate cleaning products and practices to clean the office without risking the health of anyone who uses that space.

#1-Eliminate Scented Products For Sensitive And Asthmatic People

Even for asthmatics who otherwise have good control over their symptoms, strong or chemical smells can be a problem. Therefore, one of the kindest things you can do is to help them by removing products with an obvious smell. For example, you may want to disallow anything with an ammonia smell or with an artificially fruit or pine smell. Those extra scents rarely provide a benefit and since you never know who will be coming into your office or what their health concerns could be, it only makes sense that going scent-free is a good choice.

#2-Avoid VOCs Whenever You Can

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are not known to provide any specific benefit and are culprits for a wide variety of health problems. Common examples include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and breathing problems. In many instances, some or all of those side effects have been reported for individuals with no sensitivities and can be much worse for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. They are commonly found in cleaning products, but it is not hard to find cleaners without VOCs. Therefore, you should make sure that your office cleaners use cleaners without VOCs.

#3-Ask Workers To Vacuum And Dust Appropriately

Since dust is a known trigger for many people, it is a good idea to always be sure that your office is as dust-free as possible. Instead of allowing them to use a feather duster, ask them to use a dust mop and cloths. By doing so, the dust is better controlled and less will float in the air or land in an awkward place. Another helpful step is to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, so that the dust is more safely removed. 

In conclusion, the commercial office cleaning your business uses can have a dramatic impact on the health and well-being of anyone who spends any time in the office. As a result, it is best to adhere to the guidelines above.


25 July 2016

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