Adopting A Rabbit? Get Carpet Cleaning Before You Bring It Home


Adopting a pet is a process that you should take seriously to make sure that everything goes smoothly while it transitions into living at your house. Even if you are adopting a rabbit that may spend a lot of time in its hutch, you should prepare for it to roam around the house.

An important task to handle is carpet cleaning, because the carpet is the surface that your rabbit will spend the most time on, aside from furniture and the flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Debris Removal

Carpet cleaning will remove all the debris from the carpeting, even when the dirt and grime is deep within the fibers. This will prevent your rabbit from entering a home that may seem clean but is actually dirty and potentially hazardous when you get close to the carpeting. Since your rabbit's mouth and nose will be so close to the carpeting, you should make sure it is clean.

While you may do a deep clean of your own with your vacuum, you should still get help from a professional carpet cleaner because they can use equipment that reaches deeper than regular vacuums can.

Another reason why debris removal is so important is because it can prevent your rabbit from ingesting something that it cannot digest properly. Also, it will keep your rabbit from jumping on anything that could cause it harm, such as a loose screw or nail in the carpet fibers.


Another way that you can prepare for your rabbit is by getting protectant for the carpeting. This will minimize the chance that liquid spills, such as urine accidents, end up staining the fibers. If you want to keep costs down, you can get protectant for the areas where the rabbit will spend time.

If you are putting the hutch inside the house, you will at least want to get protectant for this room and around any litter boxes in the house because urine could spill over the edges.


To further prep your home for bringing a rabbit home, you should get deodorizing service. This will give your home a fresh scent and get rid of enticing odors. For instance, your rabbit may think that something in the carpet smells like food, which can lead to it being attracted to the area.

Investing in carpet cleaning before adopting a rabbit should give you peace of mind when you are ready to bring it home.


1 May 2018

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