3 Signs You Should Buy a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner for Home Use


When shopping for a vacuum cleaner for your house, you have probably just looked at the basic models that are made for household use. It doesn't cross a lot of homeowners' minds to buy commercial vacuum cleaners even though they are ideal for some homes. Check out these potential signs that you should buy a commercial vacuum cleaner to use in your home.

1. You Have a Big House

Obviously, if you have a tiny apartment, a large commercial vacuum cleaner probably isn't going to be necessary. If you have a bigger home, though, you might be hoping to find a vacuum cleaner that will be better suited for the job. Commercial vacuum cleaners are often wider, so they can cover more ground at a time when you are vacuuming. Also, they sometimes have longer cords, so you don't have to worry about stopping and changing outlets as often when you are vacuuming. Little things like this can make a big difference in how much work you have to put in and how much time you spend when you are cleaning your larger home.

2. You Deal with Tough Messes

Some homeowners have bigger messes to deal with than others. If you have several children in the home, for example, you might feel like you are always cleaning and vacuuming up messes. If you have multiple pets—or even just one pet that sheds a lot—you might spend a lot of time vacuuming up pet hair. Having a bigger, stronger commercial vacuum cleaner can make handling all of these bigger household messes a whole lot easier.

3. You Want a Vacuum Cleaner That Lasts

Some people complain that the vacuum cleaners that they buy for their homes just don't last for very long. You might have bought several vacuum cleaners over the years, and you might be worried that the one that you buy now is only going to last for a short while. This can become a waste of money and an annoyance. Commercial vacuum cleaners are made for durability, so even though you might have to pay more to buy a commercial vacuum cleaner for your home, you will probably be rewarded with a vacuum cleaner that will last your family a long time.

Even though commercial vacuum cleaners might not be specifically designed for in-home use, they are often ideal for it, as illustrated in the above examples. 


3 October 2018

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