Your Commercial Building Needs A Janitor For These Important Cleaning Tasks


No matter what kind of business you operate, your building will generate trash and collect dust. Some buildings are messier than others depending on the work that goes on inside and the amount of foot traffic. If you deal with the public, then you want your building to be spotless so it makes a good impression on visitors. Hiring a janitorial service is a good way to keep your building clean. Here's why your building needs a janitor.

To Clean Bathrooms

You might get employees to keep the break area clean, but it's asking too much for your employees to clean public restrooms unless you have a cleaning staff. Hiring your own cleaning department is a big expense and often unnecessary, especially when you can use a janitorial service. One job you'll want them to keep up with is maintaining the restrooms in the building. Public bathrooms get cluttered and dirty fast because of all the traffic they get. A thorough cleaning once a day for a big building is essential. If you have a small office, then deep cleaning once a week might suffice. You'll want a cleaning frequency that keeps the bathrooms clean and odor free.

To Keep Waiting Areas Clean

A janitorial service often comes in after your business hours so they can work without disrupting your employees or visitors. You may want them to focus on the visitor area with great care so it is always free from dust, trash, and dirty floors. Your visitors don't want to sit on dirty upholstery or sit in a musty room. When they're waiting to see you, their eyes wander over the room and notice things like cobwebs in the corners or dust on the baseboards. A janitorial service makes sure the waiting area will give visitors a favorable impression on your company by providing guests with a clean and comfortable place to wait.

To Tidy Public Dining Areas

If you provide a place for the public to eat from vending machines or order from a cafe, then it should be kept clean so it doesn't attract bugs and so it doesn't offend your guests. The janitorial service empties trash each evening and cleans tables and chairs so they're free of dried food and gummy residue. Your building will start each morning with a clean and fresh snacking or dining area that is appealing to your visitors and that makes a good impression.

While keeping your building clean for guests and clients is important, a clean building is necessary for your employees too. Removing dirt and dust and wiping down surfaces daily keeps the workplace healthier. Your employees may even be more productive when working in a clean space rather than one that's dirty and depressing.


24 November 2018

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