Tips That Might Help Save Money On Your Housecleaning Bill


Keeping a clean house is often difficult when you work and have kids and pets running around your home. Using a residential cleaning service is a good way to keep your house clean, even though it might be cluttered from time to time. It's usually well worth paying for a cleaning service, but you might need to stretch your dollars too. Here are tips for saving money when having your house cleaned.

Understand How You're Charged

Cleaning companies charge in different ways, but charging by the hour is common. Other factors that might affect the cost include the number of workers sent to your home, the frequency of the cleaning visits, and the square footage of your house. Whether you or the company supplies the cleaning products might affect the price too. Another thing you'll want to know is if you can vary the service each visit or if you'll be locked into a routine. With all this information, you can plan a way to reduce your costs. For instance, supplying your own cleaning supplies could be cheaper than using ones supplied by the cleaning company.

Use The Service For Limited Rooms

You may not need a cleaning service for every room in your house, and you may even prefer that your bedrooms are not cleaned since that's where you and your kids keep personal items. Instead, you may want to focus on bathrooms, the kitchen, and living areas where guests visit. While you don't want to let your bedrooms get dirty and messy, you can keep up with those yourself or add one at a time to a weekly cleaning session when the room needs it.

Pick Up Clutter Yourself

You probably don't want to leave clutter around for the cleaning service to deal with. They don't always know the proper storage places for your clutter, and paying them to pick up toys, clothing, and papers is a waste of your money since you can easily do it yourself even if you have to drop things in a laundry basket until you can deal with it later. By removing clutter, everything is out of the way and the cleaning company can focus on dusting and cleaning surfaces, which is the most important reason for hiring a cleaning service.

By controlling the services the company provides and limiting the number of hours they visit, you can save money on your home cleaning costs. You may even save enough that you can afford weekly cleaning, but you can always reduce the frequency of visits too if that helps your budget.


23 April 2019

An Easter Celebration

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