3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Tile Floors


Whether installed in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, tile can be a great flooring option because of its durability and overall appealing look. As with any flooring material, though, tile does require periodic cleaning and maintenance to ensure it is clean and in good condition. Unfortunately, most people struggle maintaining their tile floors for one reason or another. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when cleaning your tile floors.

Using Harsh Cleaning Solutions

When visiting a discount retailer or home improvement store, you may find an overwhelming selection of floor cleaning solutions. While they may be somewhat effective for removing dirt and debris, some of these solutions can be too harsh to use on your tile and grout.

Although bleach can be beneficial if you have mold growth, it is not suited for regular use. Products with bleach and muriatic acids, for example, can erode the tile and grout. Constant use of these harsh ingredients will ruin the tile and grout, requiring you to replace not only the actual flooring tiles, but also redo the grout.

Also, if the tile and grout erode even slightly, dirt, dust, and other residue will quickly build up inside the floors and grout, staining the floors which will require even more cleaning.

Using Abrasive Cleaning Tools

In addition to using harsh cleaning solutions, you may use abrasive cleaning tools. Certain products, such as steel wool or abrasive mop heads, may seem to be more effective for removing stubborn dirt and dust. Unfortunately, these abrasive tools will not only remove hard dirt and debris – they will also remove the finish of the tile while damaging the tile grout.

Instead of using steel wool or other abrasive tools, opt for a traditional soft sponge mop or cleaning pads to wash your tile floor effectively.

Using Cleaners With Dyes

It is also important to avoid any cleaning solutions or tools that contain dyes. The added colors in these solutions and products may help you see where you are mopping, but in reality, they are doing more harm than good.

Tile and grout are both porous, meaning they will stain easily. After using these products, you may see a slight discoloration on the finish of your tile — especially if you have unglazed ceramic — and in the grout. Over time with continued use, the colored cleaning agents and tools will stain your floors.

Professional help is available if you are concerned about the proper way to clean your tile floors. Contact a tile cleaning service if you need assistance. 


17 October 2019

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