3 Important Services a Janitorial Company Provides


If you offer a professional service to the public and meet with clients in your office, then your office should always be clean and tidy so it makes a good impression. The best way to keep your professional office in top shape is to hire a janitor service. These are just three services they provide that make a positive impact on your clients.

1. Clean And Shine The Floor

The floor is the most likely thing to get dirty in your office, especially the area near the door, so if you keep it clean and shiny, it shows you pay attention to details and you care about your customers and your business. A janitorial service can clean your floors as often as needed.

If your office gets a lot of foot traffic, you may need the floors mopped every evening. Otherwise, a few times a week or even once a week might be enough floor cleaning. Hard floors should be kept free of dust so they shine and carpet should be odor and stain free. This may require using equipment such as a floor polisher and carpet cleaning machine regularly.

2. Make The Bathroom Spotless

The bathroom is another area that needs close attention since a messy and dirty bathroom makes clients feel uncomfortable. If the bathroom isn't used too often except by an employee and occasional client, then you might task an employee with stocking the bathroom and emptying the wastebasket. 

However, the bathroom still needs to be deep cleaned regularly to dispel musty and bad odors and to keep the floor and fixtures sparkling clean. If your bathroom gets frequent daily use from several employees or many clients, then daily visits by a janitorial service are probably worth it.

3. Tidy The Waiting Room

While the janitorial service should dust and clean every room in your office space, the waiting room has special significance since clients stay there for an extended time while waiting to see you. The waiting room makes the first impression on your clients, and you want it to be a good one.

The janitorial service may need to vacuum, dust, mop, and straighten magazines. Chairs should be cleaned as well, and if the chairs have upholstered fabric, the fabric may need to be deodorized and have stains removed periodically.

These basic cleaning tasks should be done frequently during the week depending on how busy your office is. There are other cleaning jobs that need to be done less often, such as cleaning windows. Janitor services can make a cleaning schedule for you to approve that rotates services so your building is always clean and ready to impress your clients.


21 February 2020

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