Roof Cleaning: When and Why?


Have you ever cleaned your roof? If you answer "no" to this question, you're not alone, and there is no reason to feel guilty. Roof cleaning is a service that is often under-utilized, but that does not mean it can't be beneficial and important. Here's a brief look at the when and why of roof cleaning.

When should you have your roof cleaned?

Most homeowners do not need to have their roof cleaned annually. If you are someone who likes distinct schedules, you can just have it cleaned every second or third year; this is almost always sufficient. If you are not someone who is big on schedules, then you can instead just keep your eyes out for these signs that your roof needs a cleaning:

1. Moss growth: If you start to see moss growing on or between your shingles, then your roof needs a good cleaning. It is hard to remove moss yourself without damaging the shingles, so don't attempt it.

2. Algae streaks: Streaks of black material running down the roof are usually caused by algae. You will want a cleaning service to remove the algae and streaks sooner rather than later since it will only worsen over time.

3. Caked-on leaves: If you have some leaves on the roof, you can usually wait for them to blow away on their own, or you can blow them away with a leaf blower. If they seem moist and stuck on the roof, though, it is a good idea to have the roof cleaned.

Why is roof cleaning important?

The primary reason why roof cleaning is important is to help your roof last longer. Moss, algae, leaves, and other debris cause shingles to break down prematurely, so removing them is a smart idea.

Cleaning your roof also improves your home's appearance. You won't have to be embarrassed when friends come over and see your streaky roof. Also, if you are thinking of putting the house on the market any time soon, having a nice, clean roof will improve its curb appeal. Buyers are most interested in homes with nice curb appeal.

Roof cleaning may not be a service you are used to using, but that should really change. Having your roof cleaned, even if you only do so every few years, will help keep your home looking its best and will also help your roof last a lot longer.


24 September 2020

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