Why Radon Testing Is So Important No Matter Where You Live


You've probably heard about radon and radon testing, and you may wonder if your home needs to be tested for the gas. If your home has never been tested, it's a good idea to have it done no matter how long you've lived in the house. Here's why radon testing is important.

Testing Is The Only Way To Detect Radon

Radon is a gas that you can't see and that has no odor. There's no way to tell if radon is in your house and posing a health concern unless you have radon testing done. You can find radon maps online that show where it is more likely to be a problem, but just because your home is in a safe zone on a map doesn't mean there is no or low radon present in your house.

Any Foundation Can Let Radon Pass Through

Radon seeps up through the soil below your house and enters your home through the pores in your concrete basement or slab. Radon can be a problem in a house with a basement, crawlspace, or slab-on-grade.

The presence of radon and the amount of it present depends on the geography right underneath your house. Your home could have a radon problem even though your next-door neighbor's home doesn't. The only way to verify the presence of radon is through testing.

Radon Can Affect New Homes Too

Radon can seep inside a new home just like it can through an older home that was built before it was known to be a problem. Unless a home is built in a state that requires radon mitigation systems in new homes, or the builder included radon mitigation in the building plan, then it can seep in a new home through gaps and concretes just as easily as it seeps in older homes. You may want to have radon testing done when you buy a home whether it's an older home or new construction.

Radon Exposure Is Linked To Lung Cancer

Radon exposure is one of the main causes of lung cancer. Your risk of lung cancer is determined by the amount of radon you're exposed to and the length of your exposure. That's why you shouldn't put off finding out if there is radon present inside your home. There are mitigation methods, such as putting a vapor barrier over a crawlspace floor or installing a foundation vent that lets radon waft out your roof rather than collect in your house, which will lower the amount of radon you breathe daily. Contact a radon testing service for more information. 


12 November 2020

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