Times When Mold Remediation Is Highly Recommended


You may wonder when and why you need mold remediation. Mold is present everywhere, and just because you have some in your home doesn't mean you need mold remediation. However, there are times when mold remediation is a must. If you fail to do it, you could suffer from health problems or lose a potential home buyer. Here is a list of times when mold remediation is highly recommended.

Your Home Was Flooded

Even if you think everything is dry and clean after a flood, mold could still be lurking. Water often soaks into carpet and floorboards. Mold can form deep inside. Mold can also form behind the drywall in an area you won't see until the problem worsens.

You Have Plumbing Leaks

Any plumbing leak causes ideal conditions for mold growth. Plumbing leaks happen anywhere in the house, not just where you can see them. A small leak over a long time provides enough moisture for mold to start growing. Over time, without a change in conditions, a small amount of mold becomes a problem.

You Are Selling Your Home

In many states, you must disclose past or present mold problems. If you sell through an agent, or on your own, the client may ask for professional mold remediation. Remediation and a clean inspection afterward may reduce the chance of a low-ball bidder or loss of a sale.

Your Home Smells Musty

If you have so much mold that you can actually smell it, then you probably need to bring in the professionals. You may not see your mold, but if it's that smelly, it's likely growing out of control. A professional mold remediation company will locate the problem for you.

You See Mold

Of course, if you can see the mold, then that is a clear sign you have a problem. If you see mold in certain areas, like around the drywall baseboards, it could mean you have a bigger problem behind the walls. You can try cleaning up the mold yourself but may find a bigger problem as you begin working. A mold remediation company has the experience to determine the size of your mold problem.

While most mold types are not harmful, some make people severely ill, especially in large amounts. A mold remediation company will seek out and remove as much mold as possible from your home. To keep mold from returning, make repairs and improvements to prevent leaks and flooding. For more information, talk to mold remediation specialists.


2 February 2021

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