3 Ways To Use House Cleaning Service As A Rental Property Owner


While your rental property is being occupied, you may expect the tenants to keep it clean up until they move out with their belongings. However, you will experience a few situations in which you need to handle cleaning. If you are a busy individual and do not have the time, knowledge, skill, or equipment to deep clean an entire rental, you should hire house cleaners at specific times.

Listing Photos

After purchasing the rental and getting the keys, you may have gone through the process of taking lots of photos to include in the online rental listings. If years have since passed, you may know that your rental photos are outdated enough that they are no longer an accurate reflection of the property. This makes it worth going through the process of taking listing photos again.

When no one is living in the rental property, you should work with a house cleaning company to deep clean everything. This will give you the cleanliness that you need to showcase an attractive property, which should ultimately help with advertising and attracting renters to the listing.


As soon as a tenant moves out of the rental home, you will want to hire house cleaners to make the place look clean. Even if you intend on working on the property with maintenance and remodeling over the course of weeks or months, you should get cleaning early on to make sure that dirt, grime, and stains do not get a chance to settle in and become tougher to remove.

The main thing that you will need to decide is how extensive of a cleaning you should get after a tenant leaves because a basic cleaning may be the right move in the beginning.


Before you start showing the property to potential tenants, you want the rental to look spotless on the inside. This means that the perfect time to get house cleaning is at the same time that you start posting rental listings because you will be able to accommodate showings right away. By doing it so close to the listing time, you do not have to worry about dust building up at all.

If you are not able to rent the property in a short time frame, you should consider getting another cleaning to make sure that the interior continues to look clean to potential tenants.

Reaching out to a professional who provides house cleaning services for these reasons will help you out as a rental property owner.


22 February 2021

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