How Hardwood Floor Contractors Deep Clean and Sanitize Your Floors


Hardwood floors add beauty, warmth, and classic appeal to your home. However, keeping the floors clean and appealing takes more work than other types of flooring need. You'll want to dust the floors frequently, but surface cleaning doesn't get rid of deep dirt that makes your floors look dull.

Professional hardwood floor cleaning is needed to keep your floors their most attractive and sanitary. Here's how hardwood floor cleaning works and when you should have it done.

The Floors Are Vacuumed First

The first step is to vacuum away all sand, grit, and dirt. The hardwood floor cleaning company will probably use a truck-mounted vacuum to thoroughly clean the floors while paying special attention to the areas against the walls and in corners where dirt and grime collect.

The Floors Are Scrubbed

A hardwood floor cleaning company has the equipment needed to safely deep clean wood flooring without harming it. They might use a floor scrubber to gently but deeply clean dirt from the top layer of finish on your floors. Cleaning is enhanced by using specially formulated floor cleaners that protect the wood while breaking up dirt. The floor scrubbing machine might also use hot water to clean the floors. The reason the water doesn't harm the wood is that it is extracted immediately so the floors dry fast.

Dry the Floors

The cleaning company might dry the floors with fans or a cloth to make sure it is completely dry before they leave so you can use your floors right away and so no damage occurs. An optional final step is to add polish to the floors to give your wood floors a deep sheen and to add extra protection to the wood.

Repeat as Needed

Hardwood floor cleaning is similar to carpet cleaning in that you may want the floors cleaned before an event or on an annual basis. If you have dogs that track dirt in the house or if you have an active family lifestyle, you might need professional hardwood floor cleaning more often than if you live alone.

You might also want your floors cleaned professionally if you're concerned about eliminating allergens or making your floors more sanitary for your toddler to crawl on. If your floors don't seem as bright and clean as they once did, that's another good sign that it's time to have the floors deep cleaned by a professional who can do the job right and not cause any damage to your wood floors. 

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8 September 2021

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