Four Benefits of Outsourcing Your Office Cleaning Services Over an In-House Team


Regardless of size or industry, all businesses and organizations are obligated to keep their workplace clean and presentable. However, one of the most pressing questions among business owners or managers is whether to rely on in-house cleaning staff or outsource office cleaning services. While the right option will depend on a company's specific needs, outsourcing cleaning services has multiple benefits, as shown below. 

Saving Money

When you hire in-house cleaning staff, you have to incur all the costs associated with having full-time employees. These include regular wages, sick pay, pension, and training costs. Moreover, you'll have to supply them with cleaning supplies and equipment at all times. 

With a professional cleaning company, you aren't responsible for paying the cleaners' wages or benefits. The company takes care of that, so you only have to pay for services when you need them. The company will also supply the cleaning products and equipment required to get the job done. 

Easier Supervision

Often, the job of managing an in-house cleaning crew falls on the business owner or facility managers. And while there's nothing wrong with that, understand that supervising a cleaning team can be difficult and time-consuming. That time and effort would rather be spent handling more critical tasks of your day-to-day business. 

Reputable cleaning companies usually enlist a management team to supervise the work and handle the logistics of cleaning. Your facility will remain clean and safe for your employees and customers without any additional work on your part. 

Variety of Services

While the main reason for hiring office cleaners is to handle everyday cleaning, consider other cleaning needs you might have in the future. Will you need window washing services at some point? Deep cleaning services? Light building maintenance?

Your in-house crew may not have the tools or expertise to handle all these cleaning services, so you might have to outsource cleaning work at some point. But professional cleaning companies have the resources and workforce to handle all your cleaning needs, so you don't have to hire multiple companies. This saves you the effort and money you'd have spent shopping around for cleaning companies.

Protection from Liability and Insurance Costs

There are various liabilities associated with janitorial tasks. If you're relying on an in-house team, you're responsible for insuring them against these liabilities. If an accident happens amid their cleaning duties, your business is exposed to lawsuits, which could be costly. 

Outsourcing cleaning services shifts the responsibility of insurance and liability to the cleaning company. Of course, this is assuming that you hire a reputable cleaning company with adequate insurance coverage. 

Contact a janitorial company like Enviro USA to learn more about your options.  


17 January 2022

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