Beware of These Commercial Window Cleaning Mistakes


The potential consequences of commercial window cleaning mistakes include injury, temporary results, or even smudged windows. You only need to make a small mistake to ruin the outcome of your cleaning project. Here are mistakes you should take note of when cleaning your commercial windows.

Don't Clean in the Wrong Weather

The process of cleaning your windows can be affected by weather conditions. For example, the chemical solution used to clean your windows could dry up quickly during sunny conditions. This means when you are cleaning the next window, the solution will dry up and make your cleaning process difficult.

As a result, you will have stains and streaks on your window glass. Therefore, make sure you work in small portions when performing your cleaning this summer. You should avoid washing windows on rainy days. Rain will ruin your cleaning. Choose moderate weather to do your window cleaning.

Don't Clean a Large Area

When cleaning windows, many people suffer from ambition. In modern-day offices, many windows are large. Hence, many people attempt to deal with the entire window in one cleaning. This means starting with one side and moving to the other before going back with a cloth and squeegee.

This leads to terrible-looking windows. The soap on one side will dry before you are done applying soap to the whole window. When you return to squeegee it off, you remain with a soapy film on the entire window that doesn't come off. Therefore, you will have to repeat the cleaning process again. 

The best strategy is to divide the window into sections. Each part shouldn't be so large that the soap starts to dry before you can return and wipe it off.

Ignoring Safety Risks

Cleaning high-rise windows comes with huge risks. You should be elevated to reach high windows. With the wrong equipment, there is a high chance you could fall and sustain serious body injuries. These injuries may be fatal.

It is crucial that you consider the safety risks and contract a commercial window cleaning expert. These experts come with the right equipment, such as cranes, to reach the top surfaces. This makes the window cleaning process safe and easier.

In Closing

Making commercial cleaning mistakes will cost you in the long run. This is the reason you should hire experienced janitorial services to ensure your business is clean and in order. By using a professional team, you can avoid these common mistakes and experience satisfactory services. 


7 April 2022

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