5 Quiet Signs of Mold Infestation in Your Living Room That Calls for Mold Remediation


If you can't find mold growth in your home, does that mean you don't have any? Not necessarily. Mold likes to grow in moist areas that are dark and warm, which makes it nearly impossible to spot on its own. Plus, mold gives off mildew spores that hang around in the air you breathe, so you might not even realize you're breathing it in until it's too late. Knowing the quiet signs of mold infestation in your living room can save you a lot of hassle and headaches. Here are some signs you need to call mold remediation services.

1. A Musty Smell Like Old Books

Mold has a distinct musty smell like old books or damp clothes that have been stored for a long time. If you get this smell, call a mold removal service and get them to take a sample, they will be able to tell you exactly what kind of mold is growing in your living room. 

2. A Spotted Carpet with a Musty Whiff 

The first sign that you might have mold issues is a spotted carpet with a musty whiff. You should be alarmed if the carpet recently had water inundation (for example, a burst pipe flooding the living room). Mold remediation services will first remove the carpet and wash it if necessary before disinfecting it to kill the mold.  

3. Bubbling and Warped Wallpaper 

Even if you can't see or smell any mold or mildew, chances are it's there. Those telltale black stains are a sure sign, but there are other less obvious signs you should also be aware of. For example, wallpaper that bubbles and warps can signify that moisture is causing problems behind it. It will also be discolored. Call mold remediation services to investigate. 

4. Slimy Black Spots on the Upholstery

Black mold can appear as dark spots or slimy black spots on your upholstery, walls, and carpet. It may smell bad or make you feel nauseous; if it does, that's a sign you should look into cleaning up your home. Because of its growth patterns, mold can spread quickly, and any infestation needs quick removal. 

5. Flare-ups of Coughs and Asthma Attacks 

Spores from mold can cause flare-ups or worsening symptoms for people who already have asthma or suffer from allergies. In addition, others will have persistent coughing. If you notice a flare-up of respiratory issues in your family, you need to investigate for a mold infestation.

A mold infestation poses a big risk to your family's well-being and comfort, so any suspected infestations should be investigated immediately. Call a mold remediation service if you notice any of these signs in your living room. 


26 April 2022

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