Office Carpet Cleaning Methods That Go Beyond Vacuuming


When it comes to office carpet cleaning, regular vacuuming is necessary for everyday care. However, it falls short of providing the deep, thorough results available from commercial cleaning contractors. If you want to maintain the carpet's quality and appearance over time, then commercial cleaning services should be employed to provide a higher level of care. Commercial cleaning will significantly prolong the lifespan of office carpets of all types, improving the ambiance and healthiness of your workplace environment. What methods are used to achieve this level of cleanliness?

Dry Cleaning

This method for cleaning office carpets makes use of a chemical compound that will attach itself to any grime that has been ground into the carpet's fibers. A sufficient settling period is needed for the compound to have the desired effect, so, depending on the working schedule of the office, this usually means doing the dry clean over the course of a weekend. With the compound attached to the carpet's dirt, both can be vacuumed away. Dry cleaning doesn't involve any wet materials, so no drying out time is needed. The carpet will be ready to walk on shortly after the treatment has been completed.


One of the tried-and-tested methods of carpet cleaning in workplaces and domestic settings is shampooing. Commercial cleaning contractors use it to provide deep, intensive cleaning. Your cleaners will first apply a foamy chemical onto the carpet. This is subsequently scrubbed into the fibers with a motorized brush, the idea being to loosen dirt and grime. Once the carpet has dried, the loosened dirt can be vacuumed up. Note that shampooing can leave a residue on carpets if they aren't thoroughly rinsed during the process. Despite this potential drawback, shampooing is an effective technique for removing deeply entrenched dirt.

Steam Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, commercial cleaning companies often recommend steam cleaning office carpets at least once a year. This method involves applying a powerful blend of hot water and cleaning solution to the carpet's fibers under pressure. Hot water extraction also means extracting the fluid along with any dirt or grime that has been dislodged during the process. Steam cleaning can help to eliminate bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens, so it is often a preferred option for promoting a healthier office environment.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method is also sometimes referred to as absorbent pad cleaning. It involves the use of a motorized machine that spins a pad soaked in cleaning solution over the surface of a carpet to absorb dirt. This method goes beyond simply vacuuming but it doesn't provide a deep clean to the same degree as other commercial cleaning methods. Therefore, bonnet cleaning tends to be used for cosmetic reasons where a quick win would be preferable.

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12 July 2023

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